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My life can vary but my style remains constant ! 


Full Name: Le Thanh Khue Viet
Nickname: Mark
D.O.B: August 26th 1993
Gender: Male
Height / Weight: 5' 9.5" / 144 lbs
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Current location: Singapore
Religious view: Free thinker
Slogan: 'My life can vary but my style remains constant !'
    + Sports: Soccer, Tennis, Cubing ...
    + Books: Harry Potter, Angels & Demons ...
    + Sciences: Astronomy, Time Travel ...
    + Movies: Horror, Science-Fiction, Adventure ...
    + Musics: Rap, Metal Rock ...
    + Arts: Film Making, Acting, Singing, Manga Drawing ...

Education History

1999-2004:Trung Trac Primary School (1B-5B)
2004-2008:Ngo Si Lien Secondary School - Major in Mathematics (6A3-9A3)
2008-2011:High School for Gifted Students (HSGS) - Major in Physics (B0K23B)
2011-2015:Nanyang Technological University (NTU)- Major in Applied Physics (PAP, SPMS)

Activities & Experiences

1999-2004: President of Class Student Union
2002         : Repesentative of Trung Trac Chess Team     
2002-2004: Captain of Class Soccer Team
2008-2011: Main Commitee of Class Student Union
2011-2013: Sub Commitee of NTU Cultural Activities Club
2012         : Business Executive of VNNTU Tet Celebration           
2012:        : Chief Organizer of Harry Potter Vietnam FC Meeting
2012         : Programmer of VNNTU Freshmen Orientation Camp
2012-2013: Marketing Leader of VNNTU

Awards & Achievements

2001         : Third Prize in Trung Trac Drawing Contest
2002         : First Prize of Chess in Trung Trac Sport Competition
2003         : Second Prize of Tug of War in Trung Trac Sport Competition
2003         : Second Prize of Maths-Literature in Hai Ba Trung Academic Contest
2004         : Certificate of Outstanding Student of Trung Trac
2005         : Merit Prize of English Language in Ngo Si Lien Academic Contest
2008         : Second Prize of Physics in Hanoi Academic Contest
2009         : HSGS Excellent Student Scholarship
2011         : ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship
2012         : Certificate of Most Active Freshman of VNNTU
2012         : NTU President Research Scholarship
2012         : Second Prize of Street Soccer in VNNTU Sport Competition
2012         : First Prize of SPMS Rubik's Cube Competition